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In Collaboration with @fortheloveofvaganova on Instagram. We are uploading our Q&A live video from 2 weeks ago here on YouTube for you all to watch over and catch. If you all have any more questions for her, don't hesitate to send them to us and we will relay them to her for you!

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First Newspaper Article: Dance by Lina

We would like to thank Ms. Marge Enriquez for this beautiful article and feature on my very very small business which started inside my room. She was able to capture everything that I was saying in a better way and my vision as a whole. I am very thankful to have her write about me, I could not have said it any better. Click link below for article: 



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Welcome to Taiwan! Besides my VLOG which i posted on my new youtube page, I’ll be writing more about Tutu dance, in Taipei Taiwan. This is a dance store that carries our products! Come watch my Vlog on the store, I've also done some writing on the store in the past. If you're interested and you're around Taiwan, please come and visit this beautiful store. 







From the main station, or from any train station. Take the train to Zhongshan Elementary school ( TAKE EXIT C ) or you can also take the bus. Cross underneath the big highway and go straight, about a 2 min walk until you see the 7-11 to your right, turn right to the small street.

You will see an entrance to your right as you can see in the video and go up to the 7th floor, you will find TUTU DANCE showroom.


What I love about Tutu Dance store, is that it is probably one of the most complete dance stores that I’ve been to. Even compared to Chacott in Japan, i really love their selection of leotards, shoes and warmers. They have all kinds of selections, styles and all brands! Including online shops such as myself. In terms of shoes and pointe shoes, they also have all selections of sizes, including the new kinds of fits and the rare to find styles and sizes.

They even require all their staff to take ballet once or twice a week, which is why I love them because all their staff are knowledgeable on what to recommend and they are also very quick to follow in new trends. They are a very hands on shop and they definitely know how to take care of their dancers.

If you’re ever in Taipei, go check them out! I’ll leave you their address here under this blog and a map to their store. Enjoy Dancers!



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