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Knit warmers details

Most of our models are wearing size XS and S sizes, if you are unsure about sizing you may email us at lina@dancebylina.com or contact us through our Facebook page.

The length of our knit warmers are usually long and made to be able to fold in the centre for adjustment. If you would rather have a snug leg fit, you may opt to get the cotton warmers instead. 

Skirt being worn by the model is size XS

Skirt being worn by the model is size XS


If you are unsure of the skirt sizing, you may order a size down. Usually skirts are all flexible and made from stretchable fabric,  getting a size down would be the best option if you would like a good fit for you. 

Regardless of skirt styles, all sizing is standard for waistline, should you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the fit of items. The model here is wearing a size S of the skirt. 


NEW PRODUCTS SIZING: Sweat shorts and Dasha Knit warmers

For Dasha knit warmers: Kindly refer to the Cotton knit warmers sizing guide, for sweat shorts you may base waistline size via skirt sizing.

Kindly refer to our kids knit warmer sizing for reference below. You may opt to customise knit warmers size, the fabric is quite stretchable and so if you are confused with our sizing kindly send us an email and we will get to all of your queries ASAP.