2019 Brand Ambassadors

We’re happy to have such an interesting variety and group of dancers this year with our brand. I personally hand selected them because of their creativity and uniqueness, as a brand owner it is really nice to see dancers create and share other passions and talents as they continue to dance. This year we have, Stephanie is our first Adult Ballet ambassador and I am happy to have her on the team with us to promote the brand, as well as the other younger dancers who continue to spark their creativity and share their love for dance.



Stephanie is an adult ballet dancer from California. She walked into a studio about four years ago after being unsatisfied with doing nothing but sit in an office all day every day, and she's been hooked on ballet ever since. Thanks to the adult ballet community, Stephanie has had the opportunity to dance around the world, from Tokyo to London.



My name is Maya, I am originally from France and have lived in the US for 8 years. I started dancing in 2011 in Minnesota. This past summer, I received a scholarship offer from Tulsa Ballet. I am currently a trainee with them. Before dancing in Oklahoma, I danced with Twin Cities Ballet in Minnesota. While with the company, I danced Clara and several other featured roles. In regards to summer intensives, I have gone to Kaatsbaan Extreme Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, and Brussels International Ballet's summer program. I am currently a Russian Pointe ambassador, as well as a Yumigirl for Yumiko. Fun facts about me: I have lived in four different countries and 5 different cities. I am trilingual. I graduated high school with honors. I lived on my own when I was 17 in order to further my dance training in Oklahoma at Tulsa Ballet.



Jan Mikaela B. Villanueva, also known as Mika, started formal dance training at the age of 10 and at 11 years old, joined Ballet Philippines as a full scholar. In 2012, she entered the Philippine High School for the Arts; was a consistent honor student and recipient of the Outstanding Student Artist Award. She was Finalist of the 1st and 2nd CCP Ballet Competitions (2014 & 2016). She was promoted to Company Apprentice of Ballet Philippines at the age of 15 and since then had been juggling dance and academic excellence. She graduated with First Honors at the St. Scholastica’s College-Manila SHS (STEM Academic Track).

With the Ballet Philippines, she has performed in its productions: Sleeping Beauty (2011) and when she joined as an Apprentice in its 46th Season, she performed for Hugot sa Rosas, Sarong Banggi and Peter Pan (2015). She was also part of BP’s 47th Season performances: Bagong Sayaw, Crisostomo Ibarra, Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko (2016) and she was one of the cygnets in Swan Lake (2017). Also of the company’s 48th Season: and A Gala Celebration, The Nutcracker (2017) and Don Quixote (2018). She was also featured as Lisa in Ang Pilya during the BPDS SDW and Young Choreograhers Series 2018.

Mika is currently a full scholar of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Dance.

Mika loves to travel and is a certified foodie. She has also been involved in various volunteer programs. In her spare time, she does yoga and pilates, watches dance documentaries and educate herself with videos and books about anatomy and science, one of her greatest interests. Aside from performing professionally abroad, she also dreams of becoming a physiotherapist to help dancers and athletes cope with injuries. She vows to work doubly to continue to strive for excellence and to eventually give back to the dance community and help student dancers achieve their goals.

“One of the reasons why I love dancing so much is because it allows me to express my most genuine self. I have always dreamt of becoming an ambassador for DancebyLina, and I would love to project to the world how I eventually learned to embrace my flaws, take what I had in myself, and let my individuality and passion for dancing shine and reach out to others. I am super excited to be able to represent and showcase DancebyLina’s products which are certified handmade with love and care. DancebyLina’s apparel would surely make look any ballet dancer elegantly beautiful!



My name is Avril Wieland and I’m a 15 year old aspiring ballerina.I am Peruvian and currently studying in Rosie Schottland Ballet Clásico in Lima but I’m auditioning for some ballet schools in Europe for the upcoming school year.I started dancing when I was 3 years old but I really started taking it serious when I was 9.I’ve been to many international ballet competitions since 2014 where I’ve won experience,friends and some medals too.For example on the Vladimir Issaev IBC 2017 I got the gold medal and at that same competition I got a scolarship to the San Francisco Ballet’s summer intensive 2018.Later that year I participated for the first time on YAGP inthe Peru semifinals where I got invited to the 2018 nyc finals .

On 2018 I attended the finals ,it was an amazing experience and I learned how much I had to work to accomplish my goals.On September of that same year I won the silver medal on the International Ballet Competition of Ballet Schools in Peru judged by amazing master teachers such as Claudio Muñoz ,Vladimir Issaev,etc.

On October I did YAGP semifinals for the second time and once again I was invited to the 2019 nyc finals,I was super excited for it because I improved so much since the 2018 finals , that is why I wanted to go back and do it better that time.But I finally decided to compete in La Habana International Ballet Competition 2019 ,this took place at the same time as the Yagp finals so I couldn’t attend but I think I did the right thing by going to Cuba because I had an entire new and incredibly amazing experience there where I learned sooo much and I am so happy to announce all my hard work paid off when I won the gold medal there.I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with all the amazing teachers of the national ballet school of cuba, I consider it the most amazing experience I’ve had yet.Finally I am excited to announce that Later this year I will be attending to the prestigious John Cranko ballet school for a two weeks scolarship and also I will be attending the international ballet conservatorie Annarella Roura Sanchez for a three weeks scolarship.(if you want to get to know me better you could go follow me on instagram @avril_wieland).Finally thank you so much to Dance by Lina for this amazing opportunity ,I’m super excited to represent this amazing brand 💜